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ULTM8 Outdoor Fitness

for Kids, Adults and Families

this summer

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In these classes the ULTM8ONE philosophy of total well being is the primary focus. This is a philosophy that believes in physical, social and psychological factors all being essential for total wellbeing. This is achieved through fun physical activities.

Kids Outdoor Fitness is 30 minutes of ULTM8 fun, innovative fitness activities.

The kids will work on
  • Fun fitness exercise activities
  • Co-ordination
  • Agility
  • Group games promoting team work, problem solving and building leadership and self esteem.
Family Outdoor Fitness is something for the whole family, a variety of fun fitness activities and challenges. It incorporates all the activities listed under Kids Outdoor Fitness.

Families with kids under the age of 12 can participate in a 30 minutes session while those with kids 13 to 16 can do the 60 minute session.

WHERE: Hitchin Rugby Club
Old Hale Way, Hitchin

Kids outdoor holiday fitness 26 July 27 Aug 2010:

Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays
09h00-09h30: Ages 3-5 (30 minute session)
09h35-10h20: Ages 6-8 (45 minute session)
10h30-11h15: Ages 9-11 (45 minute session)
11h30-12h30: Ages 13-16 (1 hour session)

Family outdoor fitness: Starting 10 July 2010

08h00-08h30: Adults & 3-5 (30 minute session)
08h35-09h20: Adults & 6-8 (45 minute session)
09h30-10h15: Adults & 9-11 (45 minute session)
10h15-11h15: Adults & 13-16 (1 hour session)

COST: Adults (18 and over) - 4.00
Children & Students - 2.00
Families - 5.00 ( for parent/s and child/children inclusive*)